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Capturing Stillness through Photography


“Stillness is a most liberating feature in a photograph. It does not feel restrictive — rather, it opens into the imagination, where all our experience is stored.”

Emmet Gowin


Life is so fast these days that we often don’t stop to observe our surroundings,  we are too busy rushing to and from various destinations in our lives without noticing our environment. This lifestyle can be detrimental to our health both mentally and physically and we suffer the consequences.

We live in a visual world and our everyday is flooded with images that we barely register. Our phones have become our cameras and we randomly document our lives through them. Photos of our surroundings, our family and friends, our holidays and of course, selfies! What happens to these images, they use space on our phone or get posted on social media, and yes, I admit, my phone contains 5,000 photographs that I rarely look at and will probably never use!


When do we stop, when do we really take a look at the spaces we inhabit and be ‘in the moment’? Using some of the principles of mindfulness you will be guided through an exercise that offers you a chance to slow down and take stock. Through photography you will be provided with an opportunity to think and feel thereby giving space to creativity.


Previous participants have commented that:

This workshop has taught me to look.

The workshop takes you completely out of work mode.

The workshop teaches you to look completely differently at your surroundings.

Staff and students from the department of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College, London


Workshops are tailored to suit the particular company or organisation for which they are developed. They can take place during work hours, lunchtime or after working hours. Duration can be from one - hour workshops to one day.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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