Emma Barnard MA (RCA) is a visual artist specialising in lens based media and inter-disciplinary practice and research within Fine Art and Medicine. Her work deals with social commentary, seeking to highlight contemporary issues and encourage debate surrounding them. She has worked extensively with ENT (head and neck) consultant surgeons and their patients’ to explore through visual means the patient experience and the doctor/patient dynamic. The resultant artwork is currently being exhibited widely in galleries, universities and hospitals in the UK and internationally most recently in a solo exhibition titled Primum Non Nocere in Berlin. She presents her work at conferences within the medical and medical humanities fields such as UCL and Kings, most recently at Cambridge University for CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities).


The experience gained from working within medicine is now influencing the field of medical education, at Kings Medical School Emma has worked alongside medical educators on both pilot projects and workshops which introduce creative thinking into the medical curriculum. She has also led on a pilot project titled: An exploration of photography and creativity workshops as a mechanism for improving reflective practice and resilience building at Surrey University within the Department of Medical and Health Sciences. She is collaborating with Craniofacial and Stem Cell researchers at Kings University on a project titled: A dry and silent world: living with hidden disabilities.


Emma sat on the Arts and Ethics Subcommittee at the World Congress in Bioethics 2016 and is also a member of the Arts and Ethics Research Group (AERG) - CT1 Approaches to Understanding Patient Experiences and Medical Texts - at the Mason Institute, University of Edinburgh.

Artist representation - BBA Gallery, Berlin