01/12/20  Experimental Drawing Workshop online, City and Hackney VTS

01/09/20  Experimental Drawing Workshop online, Pause to Create, Royal College of Radiologists

04/12/19  Experimental Drawing Workshops, Arts in Dentistry Residency, Bush House, London

07/11/19  Experimental Drawing workshop, British Geriatrics Society Fringe, The Curve Theatre, Leicester

28/06/19  Presention, Storytelling for Health 2 conference, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

27/02/19  Presentation and exhibition, Arts in Dentistry Showcase, Somerset House East Wing, London

08/02/19  Guest Speaker, Cultures of Oral Health: 1750 to the present,  The Science Gallery, London

26/11/18  Presentation and Workshop with Dr Neil Churchill, Director Patient Experience, NHS England

                        Learning Together: Engaging and involving patients and the public in medical education, Royal

                        Society of Medicine                    

19/09/18  Key Speaker, Medical Education Research Unit Conference, Imperial College, London

15/06/18  Workshop with Dr Kay Leadham-Green, 12th Excellence in Teaching Conference, Kings Academy

10/06/18  Presentation, Arts and Health Snapshots of research and practice in London, Bush House, Kings

                         College, London

06/06/18  Workshop with Dr Kay Leadham - Green, Mind & Body: Integrating Mental and Physical Health,

                         Annual Teachers Conference, KUMEC, Franklin Wilkins Building, London

17/05/18  Presentation, Masks, Face, Performance Identity in the Theatre of Surgery, CRASHH (Centre

                        for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities) Cambridge University. 

22/03/18  Presentation, Crossing the River, The Gordon Museum, Kings College, London

13/10/17  Artist Talk, Empathy and Affect in Medical and Theatrical Practice, Warwick University

15/09/17  Artist Talk, BerlinBlue art gallery, Berlin

12/12/16  Presentation Lecturers, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University

18/11/16  Presentation Students, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University

15/06/16  Curators Tour, IAB World Congress of Bioethics, Edinburgh

11/06/16  Presentation, RSA Critical Voices, Trinity Theatre, Kent

04/05/16  Presentation on Depersonalisation in Medicine, UCL Medical Education seminars, UCL Art Museum,


19/10/15  Presentation and exhibition Patients As People, Ashford Hospital, Kent

25/09/15  Workshop, Head & Neck Cancer Support Group, St Joseph's Hospice, London

08/07/15  Presentation and exhibition Patients As People, St Peters Hospital, Chertsey

23/04/15  Presentation, Whipps Cross University Hospital Audit Meeting, MEC, London

18/03/15  Presentation, MDT Education Programme, Royal London Hospital, Barts Health Trust

05/02/14  Presentation, DOTmd - Exploring New Innovations in Medicine, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

27/11/14  Presentation, Stakeholder Event, Lancaster University

31/10/14  Workshop, Head & Neck Cancer Support Group, St Joseph's Hospice, London

10/10/14  Presentation, Inspiring Future Leaders, NHS Leadership Academy, Leeds

23/07/14  Presentation, Department of Health, Skipton House, London

05/07/14  Presentation, RSA Critical Voices, Trinity Theatre, Kent

20/05/14  Presentation, MA Art Psychotherapy Students, Roehampton University

16/05/14  Presentation, Department of Health, Skipton House, London

04/03/14  Artist and Surgeon (Mr Mike Papesch FRACS) Talk, NHSHealth and Care Innovation Expo, Manchester

18/08/13  Artist and Surgeon (Mr Mike Papesch FRACS) Talk,  William Morris Gallery,  London   

12/05/13  Artist and Surgeon (Mr Mike Papesch FRACS) Talk, Grand Round Whipps Cross Hospital, Barts Health

                        Trust, London


2019  ‘Art to inform and improve care’: Emma Barnard on the power of art to influence medicine, Paintings in 

               Hospitals #60Voices

2018  A Dry and Silent World: Part 3, ‘Translating the material into visual form’. The Polyphony

2018  An artist’s perspective into the world of medicine, Arts and Humanities as Higher Education

2018  Fractionis Panis, The Motley Coat, Mason Institute, Edinburgh University

2017  Primum Non Nocere: An Artist's Perspective into the World of Medicine, British Medical Journal Medical                         Humanities

2017  Exhibition Review: Transplant and Life, British Medical Journal Medical Humanities

2017  Reflections on Art, Voicelessness, and the Patient Experience, British Medical Journal Medical Humanities

2016  Patient As Paper, On Everyday Ethics, Southampton University

2015  The Reading Room: Patients as People, British Medical Journal Medical Humanities