A dry and silent world: living with hidden disabilities

A collaboration between King’s College London’s Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology and Emma Barnard, brokered and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.

In collaboration with:

Professor Abigail Tucker, Dr Tathyane Harumi Nakajima Teshima, Dr Monireh Mozaffari, Dr Doris Cuckovic

The central idea of the project is that the ear and salivary glands are anatomically hidden and the resulting disability from the dysfunction of these organs is in turn overlooked. Drawing attention and awareness of relevant clinicians is essential to enhance the care of these vulnerable patient groups.


World Congress in Bioethics 2016 Arts and Ethics Exhibition, Edinburgh

Invited to sit on the Arts and Ethics Subcommittee and curate an exhibition of work to include visual and installation art that explores the integration of arts and ethics. A guided tour of the exhibition led by the curator took place.

This is the first time that an exhibition took place alongside the IAB World Congress.​

'Thanks to you as artist and curator for helping to bring a beautiful added dimension to the IAB2016 It was absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much!'

Professor Graeme Laurie Chair, IAB2016 Organising Committee


Jack Cornwell 100 public art Commission

Commissioned by the London Borough of Newham Council to work with the people that use the Jack Cornwell community centre to create a public artwork to commemorate one hundred years since the death of this brave young man, Jack Cornwell at age sixteen. On July 1st 2015 Britain marked a century since the start of one of the bloodiest battles in British history.

Launched on the 15th July 2016 attended by:

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Member of Parliament for East Ham

Sir Robin Wales - Mayor of Newham

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